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Bar Harbor Haven

I loved having the opportunity to bring this little cottage back to life! It has been a fabulous and rewarding design challenge. In all of  it's glorious 1,100 square feet, I was able to save the best parts of the place and re-work the major issues to make a comfortable and beautiful setting to enjoy the town of Bar Harbor and the natural wonder of Acadia National Park.  


One of the best attributes of the house is the natural light that warms up the cool white from every elevation. From the charm of the old single pane glass on the front porch, to the true divided glass windows - I appreciate the the original builders' decisions back in 1920.

For the design, I wanted to combine the feel of the nearly 100 year old house with classic and vintage furnishings; but add the jolt of modern to make it feel current and fresh. Painting a graphic staircase and using strong and colorful artwork helps energize the house when contrasted with the mostly black and white palette I used in every room.  


1920's Cottage



July 2016

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